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//Prof. Florent Allais
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Florent Allais is Professor in Chemistry at AgroParisTech (Paris, France) and the Director of the Chair ABI (Industrial Agro-Biotechnologies) in Reims (France). His research is dedicated to the development and optimisation of sustainable industrial processes and high value-added products from agro-resources (e.g., biorefineries by-products, agro-waste). At PALS, Florent is working alongside Dr Kei Saito on Project 1: Lignin as building block for value chemicals/polymers; A/Prof. Tony Patti and Prof. Gil Garnier on Project 2: Valorisation of hemicellulose, and A/Prof. Victoria Haritos on Project  9: Pretreatment of cellulosic material for efficient processing into nanoproducts.