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Assoc. Prof. Warren Batchelor is the Deputy Director of BioPRIA, Co-Director of the Bioprocessing Advanced Manufacturing Initiative and works in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Monash University as a Senior Lecturer. He is an expert on paper as a nonwoven cellulose fibre material, including the relationships between sheet properties and internal structure, and is the Chairman of the Tappi Paper Physics Committee, the peak committee for the field.

At PALS, Warren is working on Project 7: New nanocellulose production concepts and Project 11: Novel nanocellulose materials and surface treatment.

Current Projects

Cellulose nanofibre-polyelectrolyte materials
Research to understand and control the development of a 3D polyelectrolyte-cellulose nanofibre networks in suspension in order to control the fluid flow through the network.

Cellulose nanofibre membranes
Research to develop cellulose nanofibre materials to produce membranes that are recyclable, cheap and environmentally friendly to manufacture. Applications include bioprocess industry effluent treatment.

Life-cycle analysis of the environmental trade-offs in the treatment of bioprocessing industry effluent
Research to examine the trade-off between impacts of bioprocess industry effluent treatment and the benefits of the treatment, in terms of water recovered and mitigation of contaminant impacts on local waterways.

View an up-to-date list of Assoc. Prof. Warren Batchelor’s Publications via the Monash University website.